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Dear Customer, I want to introduce S.G.A.I Cévennes (Société Gardoise d'Application Industrielle) as a French company serving its Client's over the world, mainly in Africa, Latin America and Asia since 1982. We are involved in Oil & Gas Upstream Industry, specialized in process, design, manufacturing, commissioning and customer training of quality process packages. S.G.A.I. Cévennes has been founded by my father Pierre Valat. I have taken over the Company since 2000 and I am acting as CEO & Chairman of S.G.A.I. Cévennes. Over the years, a long tradition of partnership with Clients has been developed based on three essential principles: - Reactivity - Mutual Confidence - Client satisfaction on the end product. S.G.A.I. Cévennes has demonstrated these capacities by performing ''Challenging'' Projects with clients for whom we are working for more than thirty years. In addition to the basic construction engineering capacities, S.G.A.I. Cévennes has also the capability to perform Mechanical and Process Engineering. This is based on the presence in S.G.A.I.'s Staff of profoundly motivated Engineers having large experience in oil & gas fields activities. Our domain is the fabrication of integrated process skids, subsea modules and structures for major companies when delivery time, quality and HSE are essential. However, our goals can only be achieved with trust in people to develop our skills and the ability to maintain high Quality level through our ISO & OHSAS qualifications. S.G.A.I. Cévennes is willing to continue its ambitious growth plan to develop the Business in the respect and the continuity of above principles as well as balanced profitability for all parties. We hope that this website awakens your interest in our Company products, to show you how we can work together in the future. We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require in addition to that website. Very truly yours, Frédéric VALAT SGAI Cévennes, CEO

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